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By Neetu, G. P. Pandey, and V. N. Tiwari

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A new design of a circularly polarized planar magneto-electric dipole antenna is proposed and presented. This antenna consists of dual horizontal T-shaped electric dipole and an inverted U-shaped feed line. The antenna possesses 21.1% impedance bandwidth, from 8.9 GHz-11.0 GHz, provides 3-dB axial ratio bandwidth of 9.52% ranging 10.0 GHz-11.0 GHz, exhibits stable omnidirectional radiation pattern with almost equal E-plane and H-plane radiation patterns and provides a peak gain of 6.2 dBi. Due to its good electrical characteristics and radiation parameters, the antenna is suitable for satellite and RADAR communication in X-band.

Neetu, G. P. Pandey, and V. N. Tiwari, "Design of Circularly Polarized Planar Magneto-Electric Dipole Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 67, 21-29, 2016.

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