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By M. Fartookzadeh, M. S. Ghaffarian, A. Zamani, and R. Fatemi

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This paper proposes a horn antenna with limiting plates inside to produce symmetrical pattern in E-plane and H-plane. Sidelobes of the antenna are reduced using the limiting plates, and therefore, the beam efficiency of the antenna is improved up to 90 % without changing the antenna dimensions. The antenna dimensions are adjusted to achieve the best beam efficiency. Simultaneously, the reflection coefficient is maintained lower than -15 dB. In addition, it is indicated that this antenna has wide bandwidths without reducing the efficiency and performance of the antenna. Finally, the reflection coefficient is improved to -20 dB without degradation of the antenna performance.

M. Fartookzadeh, M. S. Ghaffarian, A. Zamani, and R. Fatemi, "Rectangular Horn Antennas with Limiting Plates for Symmetrical Pattern and Beam Efficiency Improvement," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 69, 63-71, 2016.

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