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By G. Mazzanti, M. Landini, E. Kandia, A. Bernabei, and M. Cavallina

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The evaluation of the magnetic field from double-circuit twisted three-phase power cable lines misses a sound and exhaustive theoretical and experimental treatment in the literature. This paper presents a rigorous approach to the calculation of the magnetic field from double-circuit twisted three-phase cables, whereby the magnetic field generated by such cables is computed as the vector sum of the two individual fields generated by each twisted three-phase cable. This approach is validated by means of extensive measurements of the magnetic field from single- and double-circuit twisted three-phase power cables - provided by Italian utilities - identical to those installed in the field.

G. Mazzanti, M. Landini, E. Kandia, A. Bernabei, and M. Cavallina, "Magnetic Field Generated by Double-Circuit Twisted Three-Phase Cable Lines," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 73, 115-126, 2017.

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