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By Q. Song, W. Tang, L.-H. Yuan, and J.-J. Xie

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This paper presents a novel design method to the absorber screen based on the receiving antenna technique. When the electromagnetic waves is incident upon the surface of absorbing structure, part of the electromagnetic energy transforms into current absorbed at the port, and the remaining energy is reflected. The former mechanism is similar to the receiving antenna. Hence, a dual-polarized magneto-electric dipole antenna is selected and optimized to obtain a broadband absorber screen unit after comparing the similarities between the antenna and absorber. The measurement results show that the finite 6×6 array absorber has a 73% bandwidth for 10 dB RCS reduction, while its thickness of substrate is below 1/9 wavelength of the center frequency in free space. The novel absorber screen can also be used in dual polarization because of its symmetrical property. The simulation and measurement are performed at the normal incidence in this paper.

Q. Song, W. Tang, L.-H. Yuan, and J.-J. Xie, "An Novel Absorber Screen Design Method Based on Receiving Antenna Principle," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 70, 193-199, 2016.

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