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By G. Sen, S. N. Islam, A. Banerjee, and S. Das

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A broadband Perfect Metamaterial Absorber (PMA) on FR-4 Epoxy substrate for X-band and Ku-Band applications is proposed. The unit cell structure is composed of rectangular patches of appropriate shapes and orientation on top of the metal-backed dielectric substrate having a thickness of 2.7 mm (0.16λL). The relative absorption bandwidth is 79% (more than 85% absorption) covering the entire X-band and the Ku-Band of the microwave frequencies. The surface current distributions of the top and bottom planes have been analyzed to elaborate the absorption mechanism of the structure. The broadband characteristics of the design support its claim of being useful to a wide range of applications in both commercial and research sectors. Such applications include military and stealth devices, thermal sensors and electronic-cloaking devices.

G. Sen, S. N. Islam, A. Banerjee, and S. Das, "Broadband Perfect Metamaterial Absorber on Thin Substrate for X-Band and Ku-Band Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 73, 9-16, 2017.

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