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By F. Xue, H. Wang, X. Dong, Y. Liu, and X. Zhang

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A planar reflectarray/transmitarray antenna which reflects/transmits the incident fields radiating from feed antenna is presented. The antenna works as a reflectarray at 13.85 GHz and a transmitarray at 8 GHz. The unit cell is composed of three layers. The first layer consists of a crossed-dipole element and a square ring frequency selective surface (FSS) on the top and bottom surfaces of a dielectric substrate. The second and third layers are identical and consist of a square ring slot element on both sides of a dielectric substrate. An air gap is inserted between layers. The aperture of the antenna is 225 mm which equals 10.4 wavelengths at 13.85 GHz and 6 wavelengths at 8 GHz. The reflectarray/transmitarray antenna is fabricated, and NSI planar near-field system is used to measure the performances of the prototype. Good agreement between the simulated and measured results has been achieved. The measured gain is 27.1 dB in reflection mode at 13.85 GHz resulting in a 38% aperture efficiency and 23.1 dB in transmission mode at 8 GHz resulting in a 45.7% aperture efficiency.

F. Xue, H. Wang, X. Dong, Y. Liu, and X. Zhang, "Design of a Novel Ku/X-Band Reflectarray/Transmit-Array Antenna with Frequency Selective Surface," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 73, 17-25, 2017.

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