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Radiation Forces on a Cluster of Spherical Nanoparticles in Visible Light Spectrum

By Aslan Nouri Moqadam, Ali Pourziad, and Saeid Nikmehr
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 75, 99-109, 2017


The scattering of the electromagnetic waves by the spherical particles is discussed. Nanometer-sized dielectric spheres confined in a cluster are devoted to investigate the effect of the EM radiation on them. Incident wave is considered to be in visible light spectrum which facilitates multiple scattering calculation for nanoparticles. Radiation forces are discussed in terms of scattering pressure and Lorentz force, hence Discrete Dipole Approximation (DDA) and classical Mie theory is employed in radiation force computation and electromagnetic random multiple scattering analysis. Electric momentum of dipoles is defined in the term of A-1 term method. The radiation forces on particles are accurately calculated with computer codes. Extracted results can be applied to conscious deviation of spherical nanoparticles in clean rooms or similar mediums. The effect of the incident wave parameters and the orientation of spherical profile and particles in the cluster are predicted through various simulations.


Aslan Nouri Moqadam, Ali Pourziad, and Saeid Nikmehr, "Radiation Forces on a Cluster of Spherical Nanoparticles in Visible Light Spectrum," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 75, 99-109, 2017.


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