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By L. Bei, L. Chen, W. Zhao, X. Zhang, W. Ji, and K. Huang

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In this paper, a three-layer circuit structure based on double-sided parallel-strip lines (DSPSLs) is proposed to design one out-of-phase power divider (PD) with equal power division and harmonic suppression. This PD, which is composed of four DSPSLs, one middle conductor, and two grounded resistors, features transmission suppression at two specified frequencies and all the even-order harmonics. Closed-form design equations are derived based on the traditional even- and odd-mode methods, and the circuit scattering parameters are also given. Finally, a practical PD operating at 0.92 GHz is designed and fabricated. The measured results show that this PD has equal power division with out of phase, harmonic suppression, good ports matching, and high outputs isolation.

L. Bei, L. Chen, W. Zhao, X. Zhang, W. Ji, and K. Huang, "Out-of-Phase Power Divider with Harmonic Suppression," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 75, 43-52, 2017.

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