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By S. Mukherjee, L. Udpa, Y. Deng, P. Chahal, and E. J. Rothwell

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This paper presents a design of microstrip transmitting and receiving antennas to be used for time reversal ultra-wideband imaging applications. The transmitter and receiver arrays are together known as a time reversal mirror (TRM). Based on the properties of time reversal and its imaging applications, an antipodal Vivaldi antenna and a monopole antenna are proposed for the transmitter and receiver designs, respectively. Simulation and measurement results demonstrate the efficiency of the antennas for a time reversal mirror. The overall system is demonstrated for source and target imaging applications.

S. Mukherjee, L. Udpa, Y. Deng, P. Chahal, and E. J. Rothwell, "Design of a Microwave Time Reversal Mirror for Imaging Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 77, 155-165, 2017.

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