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By F. R. Ismagilov, W. Tong, V. E. Vavilov, D. V. Gusakov, and V. V. Ayguzina

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This paper presents an analysis of the manufacturing technologies for the high-speed electrical machine with stator core made of amorphous magnetic material, their trends and perspective of development. The most efficient technology is determined. A design technology of sectional stator cores made of amorphous magnetic material is proposed. In addition, the paper shows the design methodology of the high-speed electrical machine with stator core made of amorphous magnetic material. A distinctive feature of the proposed technology is the implementation of the stator core made of amorphous magnetic material and laminated in the axial and radial directions. The fill factor for magnetic cores realized by this technology reaches 75%. The design methodology was tested on three prototypes of the high-speed electrical machine including the 120-kW prototype. The prototype experimental research is also presented in the paper. The main contribution is the loss minimization in the stator core made of amorphous magnetic material by 200%.

F. R. Ismagilov, W. Tong, V. E. Vavilov, D. V. Gusakov, and V. V. Ayguzina, "High-Speed Electrical Machine with Radial Magnetic Flux and Stator Core Made of Amorphous Magnetic Material. Technologies, Trends and Perspective of Development," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 86, 69-82, 2018.

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