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By Z. Lu, Y. Sun, H. Zhu, and F. Huang

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A novel broadband ±45° dual-polarized magneto-electric (ME) dipole antenna is proposed for 2G/3G/LTE/5G (3.3-3.6 GHz)/WiMAX applications. The proposed antenna has Γ-shaped feeding strips to impart a wide impedance bandwidth for its special structure. Stable antenna gain and radiation pattern are realized by using a rectangular box-shaped reflector instead of planar one. The antenna is fabricated and measured. The measured results show that a common impedance bandwidth is 83% with standing-wave ratio (SWR) ≤ 1.5 from 1.59 to 3.83 GHz and port-to-port isolation larger than 25 dB within the bandwidth. The measured antenna gains vary from 8 to 10.8 dBi and from 8 to 10.6 dBi for port 1 and port 2, respectively. The antenna has nearly symmetrical radiation patterns with low back lobe radiation both in horizontal and vertical planes, and broadside radiation patterns with narrow beam can also be obtained. The proposed antenna can be used for multiband base stations in next generation communication systems.

Z. Lu, Y. Sun, H. Zhu, and F. Huang, "A Broadband ±45° Dual-Polarized Magneto-Electric Dipole Antenna for 2G/3G/LTE/5G/WiMAX Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 86, 153-165, 2018.

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