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By S. C. Yadav and S. P. Duttagupta

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Desire for a broadband, high gain, unidirectional and low cost antenna in the field of communications is everlasting. In this paper, a novel broadband high gain antenna is presented using a suspended cylinder and a ground connected cylinder geometry. The bandwidth of the proposed antenna is enhanced by shorting these two cylinders with a pin in the direction orthogonal to the plane of coaxial probe. This low profile antenna structure is simple and easy to fabricate. The cylinders, shorting pin and ground plane are fabricated by a copper sheet of thickness 0.4 mm. Shorting pin and SMA connector provide mechanical support to the suspended cylinder. Simulations are done to analyze the radiation performance of the antenna. Prototype of the antenna is fabricated, and the measured results show good agreement with the simulated ones to confirm the enhanced bandwidth offered by the proposed antenna. We achieve impedance bandwidth of 63% (2.6-5 GHz) with the peak broadside gain of 9.87 dB. The bandwidth of the proposed antenna can be tuned by changing the radius of the shorting pin. The designed antenna possesses broadband high gain with stable broadside unidirectional radiation pattern which is suitable for Base station antenna such as WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) and LTE (Long Term Evolution). The metallic antenna has high power handling capacity as compared to microstrip and dielectric antennas.Therefore, this antenna can also be used for high power transfer application.

S. C. Yadav and S. P. Duttagupta, "Novel Broadband High Gain Antenna Designed by Suspended Cylinder and Shorting PIN," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 86, 247-256, 2018.

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