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By A. Yadav, M. D. Sharma, and R. P. Yadav

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A CPW-fed ultra-wideband (UWB) monopole antenna design which exhibits triple band stop functions is demonstrated. The proposed antenna comprises a Split Ring Resonator (SRR) and inverted U slots on a metallic patch to exhibit triple band-notch functions for WiMAX (3.3-3.6 GHz), C-band (3.8-4.2 GHz) and WLAN (5.1-5.8 GHz) bands. The slot width optimization is examined to tune the band-notch resonance frequency, and their effects are exhibited by surface current distributions. The antenna has compact size of 26*30 mm2, and it functions over 3 to 11 GHz with VSWR < 2 except notched bands. The SRR loaded dual band-notched antenna and amended inverted U slot integrated antenna both are fabricated and their VSWR, radiation characteristics measured. The antenna demonstrates excellent agreement between measured and calculated results.

A. Yadav, M. D. Sharma, and R. P. Yadav, "A CPW-Fed CSRR and Inverted U Slot Loaded Triple Band Notched UWB Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 89, 221-231, 2019.

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