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By Y. Wang, Z. Wang, and S. Fang

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To study the transient magnetic field and temperature field of a dry-type transformer core and analyze the core loss and hot spot temperature rise of the core, a magnetic and temperature field coupling analysis method based on finite element method was proposed: the transient magnetic field of dry-type transformer was calculated first, and the core loss under a no-load condition was obtained. Then, the core loss density distribution was coupled to the temperature field as the heat source, and the temperature field distribution in the transformer was calculated by the fluid-thermal coupling method to obtain the hot spot temperature and the position of the core. Compared with the traditional average heat source method, the temperature field distribution calculated by the proposed method is close to the actual temperature distribution of the core. Finally, based on this method, the magnetic field and temperature field of the transformer core under different excitations were calculated, and the effect of harmonics on the core loss and temperature rise of the core was analyzed.

Y. Wang, Z. Wang, and S. Fang, "Three-Dimensional Magnetic and Temperature Field Coupling Analysis of Dry-Type Transformer Core Under Different Excitations," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 95, 75-89, 2019.

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