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By D. G. Patanvariya, A. Chatterjee, and K. S. Kola

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In this paper, a low-profile fractal antenna and its array for DSRC-band applications have been proposed. The proposed single element is a newly designed fractal antenna which is right-handed circularly polarized (RHCP) and derived from the Koch-snowflake 1st-iteration. Moreover, a diagonal slot defect in the ground plane has been implemented for resonating the structure at the desired frequency and, to get a low cross-polarization over the operating frequency. The compact feed-network of the array is designed using s Wilkinson power-divider. A single element and a 4 × 1 antenna array are designed, prototyped and verified. The antenna array is designed by a single-layer microstrip structure with a compact size of 151.70 × 43.50 mm2. According to the experimental results, the single element and the antenna array have S11 of -15.27 dB and -13.95 dB, and RHCP gain of 6.14 dBic and 11.98 dBic, respectively. Moreover, the computed radiation efficiencies of single element and array are 78.17% and 71.50%, respectively, while CP bandwidths of single element and array are 49.00 MHz and 58.00 MHz, respectively. The performance of the proposed RHCP antenna is suitable for the DSRC-band application.

D. G. Patanvariya, A. Chatterjee, and K. S. Kola, "High-Gain and Circularly Polarized Fractal Antenna Array for Dedicated Short Range Communication Systems," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 101, 133-146, 2020.

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