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By S. Agarwal

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This paper presents the design and analysis of an on-chip compatible millimeter wave (mmW) antenna concurrently operating at frequencies 60 GHz and 94 GHz. It is quite challenging to design an antenna at mmW frequency due to propagation of surface waves and use of high index Si substrate for system on-chip (SoC) applications. Hence, in this paper a micromachined mmW antenna design using suspended microstrip technology has been proposed for SoC applications. Dual band operation of the antenna has been achieved by reactive loading at the radiating edge. The designed antenna supports the fractional bandwidth of 3.7% & 5% and gain of 7.68 dBi & 8.22 dBi at 60 GHz and 94 GHz, respectively. The results were also compared using two different EM solvers HFSS and CST which were in close agreement. Parametric effects of different substrate and antenna design parameters have also been analyzed. As a proof of concept, a scaled prototype antenna was fabricated and compared with the proposed mmW antenna.

S. Agarwal, "Design of on-Chip Compatible Concurrent Dual Band Millimeter Wave Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 102, 213-223, 2020.

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