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Design of Compact 4-Port MIMO Antenna Based on Minkowski Fractal Shape DGS for 5G Applications

By Sara Yehia Abdel Fat, Ehab K. I. Hamad, Wael Swelam, Abdemegeed Mahmoud Allam, and Hesham Abd Elhady Mohamed
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 113, 123-136, 2021


A 4-port wideband Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) antenna operating in the frequency band from 24.8 GHz to 27.6 GHz dedicated to 5G application is proposed in this manuscript. The MIMO antenna is implemented on a 23.75 × 42.5 × 0.508 mm3 Roger/Druoid 5880 substrate with relative dielectric constant εr = 2.2 and loss tangent 0.0009. Firstly, the design starts with a simulation and optimization of a single element antenna based on Minkowski fractal shape as Defected Ground Structures (DGSs) using CST Studio Suite. The single proposed element shows a 7 dBi gain and antenna efficiency of 85% at the operating frequency band. Secondly, to design a MIMO antenna with good isolation, three different configurations are used, and overall MIMO performances such as low Envelope Correlation Coefficient (ECC), high Diversity gain (DG), and low Channel Capacity Loss (CCL) are calculated and analyzed. Finally, fabrication and measurement are conducted to validate the concept for single and 2-port MIMO antenna performance.


Sara Yehia Abdel Fat, Ehab K. I. Hamad, Wael Swelam, Abdemegeed Mahmoud Allam, and Hesham Abd Elhady Mohamed, "Design of Compact 4-Port MIMO Antenna Based on Minkowski Fractal Shape DGS for 5G Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 113, 123-136, 2021.


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