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By M. A. Abdalla and Z. Hu

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This paper introduces a 3 dB tunable symmetric left handed coupled line coupler implemented on ferrite substrate. The proposed coupler is realized in LH coplanar waveguide configuration constructed using interdigital capacitors and meandered line inductors. The analytical analysis and the numerical verification of the proposed couple line coupler are presented. The full wave numerical simulation results for different DC magnetic bias indicate that a tunable left handed coupled line coupler propagation with transmission coefficient up to 3 dB and isolation level more than 25 dB over a wide bandwidth can be achieved.

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M. A. Abdalla and Z. Hu, "On the Study of Left-Handed Coplanar Waveguide Coupler on Ferrite\R\Nsubstrate," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 1, 69-75, 2008.

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