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By I. Rodríguez-Vargas, O. Y. Sanchez-Barbosa, D. A. Contreras-Solorio, and S. J. Vlaev

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The electronic structure of finite parabolic GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs superlattices is studied. A detailed analysis of the miniband formation is given and the importance of all system parameters is discussed. The dependence of the equidistant miniband separation on the superlattice size is revealed. A comparison with different theoretical methods and experimental data is presented. The calculations are conducted in the framework of the semi-empirical sp3s* tight-binding model including spin applying the Green function formalism and the Surface Green Function Matching Method (SGFM) method.

I. Rodríguez-Vargas, O. Y. Sanchez-Barbosa, D. A. Contreras-Solorio, and S. J. Vlaev, "Electronic Spectrum Study of Parabolic GaAs /Al_{X}Ga_{1-X}as Superlattices," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 1, 237-243, 2008.

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