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By Y. Li, Y. Liu, and S.-X. Gong

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The techniques of ground-cut slots and miniaturization are applied in the design of microstrip antenna which reduces the resonance frequency and size of antenna and achieves the Radar Cross Section (RCS) reduction. Compared with the rectangular patch antenna working at the same frequency, the designed antenna realizes the RCS reduction in the whole frequency band of 2-8 GHz. And the RCS can be reduced 2-4 dB at its working frequency. The RCSp eaks are efficiently controlled to get a smooth curve while the gain loss is only approximately 0.9 dB, which assures the radiation performance. The measured results of radiation performance accord with the simulation results and it implies that this method is feasible.

Y. Li, Y. Liu, and S.-X. Gong, "Microstrip Antenna Using Ground-Cut Slots and Miniaturization Techniques with Low RCS," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 1, 211-220, 2008.

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