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By Y.-H. Chou, M.-J. Jeng, Y.-H. Lee, and Y.-G. Jan

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This paper presents the calculations of transmission line loss factor by extracting from the Q-factor measurement of the quarterwavelength open stub resonators over the designed frequency and other resonant frequencies. A comparison of the loss factor of the design frequency with other resonant frequencies of each of the stub's quarter-wave resonances is provided in this paper. The radiation and discontinuity losses are undesirably included in the unloaded Q-factor measurement andit shows that the unloadedQ-factor is not repeatable at different designed frequency. The implementation of the loss factor measurement by quarter-wavelength open stub resonators is becoming more andmore important to be consideredwith the increase of using the electronic circuits operating at high frequencies.

Y.-H. Chou, M.-J. Jeng, Y.-H. Lee, and Y.-G. Jan, "Measurement of RF PCB Dielectric Properties and Losses," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 4, 139-148, 2008.

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