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By C.-S. Chang, M.-P. Houng, D.-B. Lin, K.-C. Hung, and I.-T. Tang

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A novel design with low parasitic effect for eliminating the simultaneous switching noise (SSN) in high-speed circuits is proposed by using the aperiodic high-impedance surface (A-HIS) structure. The A-HIS configuration is proposed in this work, revealing suppression of the SSN from 1.1∼1.85 GHz. It is shown that the HIS structure with aperiodic design, the SSN will be effectively suppressed. The undesired resonances of the proposed A-HIS structure are less than that of the conventional structure below 1 GHz. Less undesired peaks will ensure the electromagnetic interference (EMI) and signal integrity (SI). The measured results show very well compared with the conventional periodical HIS structures. The suppression results of the proposed A-HIS structure is checked by both measurement and simulation results. By using this proposed method, the simplicity of the structure is easier to fabricate as well as to route signal lines with a perfect power/ground planes. In addition, the proposed designs provide excellent SSN suppression and good signal integrity (SI) as the conventional structure.

C.-S. Chang, M.-P. Houng, D.-B. Lin, K.-C. Hung, and I.-T. Tang, "Simultaneous Switching Noise Mitigation Capability with Low Parasitic Effect Using Aperiodic High-Impedance Surface Structure," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 4, 149-158, 2008.

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