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By Y. Duan, S.-J. Lai, and T. Huang

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This paper presents an efficient meshless approach for solving electrostatic problems. This novel approach is based on combination of radial basis functions-based meshless unsymmetric collocation method with projection domain decomposition method. Under this new method, we just need to solve a Steklov-Poincare interface equation and the original problem is solved by computing a series of independent sub-problems. An electrostatic problem is used as an example to illustrate the application of the proposed approach. Numerical results that demonstrate the accuracy and efficiency of the method are stated.

Y. Duan, S.-J. Lai, and T. Huang, "Coupling Projection Domain Decomposition Method and Meshless Collocation Method Using Radial Basis Functions in Electromagnetics," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 5, 1-12, 2008.

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