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A Novel Circularly Polarized Antenna Based on an Artificial Ground Plane

By Mehdi Hosseini and Shahid Bashir
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 5, 13-22, 2008


The paper describes a novel low profile circularly polarized antenna. The antenna is a single dipole over a particular wire formed panel with high impedance properties. Although the principles of operation for the antenna are general, in this work they are specifically applied to the design and optimization of a FM broadcasting antenna. The distinguishing feature of the design is that it incorporates the following interesting concepts simultaneously: artificial high impedance surfaces or artificial magnetic conductors, materials showing refractive indexes of less than unity (n < 1), and polarizing structures. Another advantageous aspect of the design is the computational efficiency emerging from this fact that the structure is entirely wire made. This way the relevant numerical analysis and optimization can be efficiently carried out by NEC, a one-dimensional (1D) MoM-based EM analyzer.


Mehdi Hosseini and Shahid Bashir, "A Novel Circularly Polarized Antenna Based on an Artificial Ground Plane," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 5, 13-22, 2008.


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