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A New Tapered Slot Antenna with Symmetrical and Stable Radiation Pattern

By Hai-Yang Xu, Hou Zhang, Jian Wang, and Lai-Xuan Ma
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 5, 35-43, 2008


An ultra-wideband exponential tapered slot antenna with new geometrical gratings, which is fed by a nonuniform CPW-slotline balun that is essentially important for the ultra-wide band characteristic, has been introduced in this paper. The measurement shows that the frequency band is from 1.7 GHz to over 13 GHz, among which the VSWR is below -10 dB except 1.7 GHz around (below -9 dB). The gratings are emphasized to make the antenna to perform better radiation characteristics of a comparatively stable, symmetrical pattern and low side lobes through the operating band as well as obviously higher gain and sharper beam width in the low frequency section in comparison with the one without gratings (more than 3 dB at 1.7 GHz).


Hai-Yang Xu, Hou Zhang, Jian Wang, and Lai-Xuan Ma, "A New Tapered Slot Antenna with Symmetrical and Stable Radiation Pattern," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 5, 35-43, 2008.


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