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By Y.-L. Li, M.-J. Wang, and G.-F. Tang

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The analytical expression of scattering field from a conductor elliptic cylinder is presented, as the electromagnetic wave propagating vertical to the axis of an elliptic cylinder with arbitrary incident angle and polarization. The obtained result is in agreement with that in the reference when we use this analytical expression to calculate the scattering field from a cylinder. Simulations show that the vertical size of the elliptic cylinder effects greatly the scattering field when we observing it in the direction perpendicular to the direction of the incident wave. The scattering field is strong as the polarization direction of incident wave parallel to the axis of the elliptic cylinder. The algorithm used in the article is valid to investigate the scattering characteristic of other elliptic cylinders. The obtained result offers a theoretical foundation for the practical applications such as electromagnetic remote sensing of target's size and shape.

Y.-L. Li, M.-J. Wang, and G.-F. Tang, "The Scattering from an Elliptic Cylinder Irradiated by an Electromagnetic Wave with Arbitrary Direction and Polarization," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 5, 137-149, 2008.

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