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By C. Essid, M. B. B. Salah, K. Kochlef, A. Samet, and A. B. Kouki

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In this paper, we present an efficient hybrid spatial-spectral formulation of the method of moment (MoM) in conjunction with the Mixed-Potential Integral Equation (MPIE) for planar circuit analysis. This method is based on the decomposition of the Green's functions in two parts: quasi-static in the near field region and the dynamic contribution in the far field region. Using this decomposition of Green's functions, the method of moment matrix entries can be reduced and expressed to a sum of two integrals. The first one is expressed in the spatial field and corresponds to the quasi-static contribution. It is analytically evaluated after a development in Taylor series of the exponential terms in the function to integrate. The integrals expressed in the spectral field and corresponds to the dynamic part have the advantage of being calculated on a finite range and this independently of the choice of the basis and test functions. The integrals expressed in the spectral field are performed by using numerical integration. It is also demonstrated that this hybrid method has accelerated the matrix fill in time by using a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm. In order to validate the proposed method, numerical results are presented.

C. Essid, M. B. B. Salah, K. Kochlef, A. Samet, and A. B. Kouki, "Spatial-Spectral Formulation of Method of Moment for Rigorous Analysis of Microstrip Structures," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 6, 17-26, 2009.

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