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By Z. G. Zhang, L. G. Zheng, H. Xie, and Y. J. Liang

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This paper presents a numerical and experimental analysis of a horizontally polarized HF antenna?The antenna is aimed to be compact, wideband and high power gain. A V-shape wire-structured pentagonal antenna has acceptable performance in both aspects of gain and VSWR. The V-shape structure yields a comparatively high gain relative to the 27 m radiation arms. By incorporating both ground-loaded guys and convex pentagon-shape arms, the antenna can cover the whole HF band. The measured and simulated results show that the VSWR of this antenna is within 2.55:1 over 3~30 MHz and the average power gain is about 11 dBi.

Z. G. Zhang, L. G. Zheng, H. Xie, and Y. J. Liang, "Compact and High Gain Wire-Structured Pentagonal Antenna for HF Communication," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 6, 75-82, 2009.

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