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By Y. Song, Y.-C. Jiao, T.-L. Zhang, G. Zhao, and F.-S. Zhang

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a small tapered slot antenna with a notched band for wireless applications is proposed in this paper. A modified transition from microstrip to slotline is used to introduce a notched band from 4.90 to 6.34 GHz. Corrugated edges on the ground is also used to improve the radiation patterns at the lower frequency band. Relatively stable radiation patterns and consistent group delay except the notched band have been obtained as proved experimentally.

Y. Song, Y.-C. Jiao, T.-L. Zhang, G. Zhao, and F.-S. Zhang, "Small Tapered Slot Antenna with a Band-Notched Function for Wireless Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 10, 97-105, 2009.

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