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By J. Gu, Y. Fan, Y.-H. Zhang, and D. Wu

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In this paper, a new kind of 3D transition and power divider based on half mode substrate integrated circular cavity (HSICC) is proposed. This novel HSICC transition and power divider can be easily integrated into microwave and millimeter-wave multilayer circuits using LTCC technology. What is more, it can reduce nearly half size of normal SICC resonator and has the advantages of high flexibility, low insertion loss and amplitude imbalance. Two different 3D simulation tools are employed to validate the design method of this novel structure.

J. Gu, Y. Fan, Y.-H. Zhang, and D. Wu, "A Novel 3-D Transition and Power Divider Based on Half-Mode Sicc Structure," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 10, 125-133, 2009.

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