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By F. D. L. Peters, D. Hammou, S. O. Tatu, and T. A. Denidni

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This paper outlines typical issues in the design and fabrication of microstrip Wilkinson power dividers. As a practical solution, a modified Wilkinson divider configuration is proposed and designed for millimeter-wave antenna feeding networks. In this design, all microstrip branches and the resistive strip exhibit the same characteristic impedance. Probe measurements of Sparameters underline good matching, transmission and isolation characteristics of the proposed divider.

F. D. L. Peters, D. Hammou, S. O. Tatu, and T. A. Denidni, "Modified Millimeter-Wave Wilkinson Power Divider for Antenna Feeding Networks," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 17, 11-18, 2010.

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