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By D. Laila, S. Raman, S. M. Nair, C. K. Aanandan, K. Vasudevan, and P. Mohanan

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A Coplanar Wave guide (CPW) fed printed monopole antenna with reduced radiation hazard from a mobile handset is presented. The printed metal stripes in the back side of the monopole modify the far field pattern ideal for mobile handset. The antenna offers a bandwidth of 200 MHz when printed on a substrate of dielectric constant (εr) 4.4 and thickness 1.6 mm with an overall dimension of 42x31.7 mm2. Experimental and simulation studies of the antenna radiation characteristics of the proposed antenna are presented and discussed. A 20 dB reduction of radiated power in one quadrant of the radiation pattern offers a reduction of radiation towards the users head.

D. Laila, S. Raman, S. M. Nair, C. K. Aanandan, K. Vasudevan, and P. Mohanan, "Mobile Antenna with Reduced Radiation Hazards Towards Human Head," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 17, 39-46, 2010.

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