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By J.-G. Gong, Y.-C. Jiao, Q. Li, J. Wang, and G. Zhao

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A miniaturized internal wideband antenna suitable for integration with the printed circuit board (PCB) of a wireless universal serial bus (WUSB) dongle is presented in this paper. The proposed antenna mainly consists of a folded metal plate with two sides beveled. By introducing a short-circuited pin connected to the system ground and etching a pair of slots in the bevel sides of the folded metal plate, a large impedance bandwidth from 2.4 GHz to more than 11 GHz is obtained, which easily covers the 2.4 GHz WLAN, WiMAX, S-DMB and UWB frequency bands. The effects of the short-circuited pin and the narrow slots on the impedance matching of the proposed antenna are investigated. The proposed antenna is easy to be fabricated by bending a sample metal plate due to its miniaturized geometry of 5×12×12.5 mm3. Details of the antenna design are described, and experimental results of the constructed prototypes are presented and discussed.

J.-G. Gong, Y.-C. Jiao, Q. Li, J. Wang, and G. Zhao, "A Miniaturized Internal Wideband Antenna for Wireless USB Dongle Application," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 17, 67-74, 2010.

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