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By K. Kim, J. Byun, and H.-Y. Lee

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This work proposes a substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) power divider employing the Wilkinson configuration for improving the isolation performance of conventional T-junction SIW power dividers. Measurement results at 15 GHz show that the isolation (S23, S32) between output ports is about 17 dB and the output return losses (S22, S33) are about 14.5 dB, respectively. The Wilkinson-type performance has been greatly improved from those (7.0 dB~8.0 dB) of conventional T-junction SIW power dividers. The measured input return loss (23 dB) and average insertion loss (3.9 dB) are also improved from those of conventional ones. The proposed Wilkinson SIW divider will play an important role in high performance SIW circuits involving power divisions.

K. Kim, J. Byun, and H.-Y. Lee, "Substrate Integraged Waveguide Wilkinson Power Divider with Improved Isolation Performance," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 19, 41-48, 2010.

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