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By C.-H. Liang, X.-W. Wang, and X. Chen

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This is paper discusses the inverse Joukowski mapping, w=z+√{z2-c2} (c>0), which can be classified into active and passive inverse transformation. By using the active inverse Joukowski mapping, the generalized image problems that the line charge ρl is located outside the elliptical conducting cylinder, or the finite conducting plate can be solved. By using the passive logarithmic inverse Joukowski mapping, the capacitance C of a finite conducting plate placed vertically above the infinite conducting plate can be solved. Thus the conformal mapping method can replace the image method and electrical axis method become the uniform method to solve the electrostatic problems.

C.-H. Liang, X.-W. Wang, and X. Chen, "Inverse Joukowski Mapping," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 19, 113-125, 2010.

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