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By Y. Tao, Z. Shen, and G. Liu

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A compact dual-band ortho-mode transducer is presented in this paper. Two orthogonally polarized signals received by a square waveguide are separated into two orthogonal channels at 10.7-12.75 GHz and 10.3-11.9 GHz, respectively, while a single-polarized signal is transmitted at 14-14.5 GHz. To obtain good isolation between the transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) channels of the same polarization with a compact size, an irregularly shaped diaphragm is proposed as a compact dual-function resonator, which has one transmission zero at the Tx band and one pole at the Rx band. The designed OMT is fabricated and measured in a back-to-back configuration. Measured results agree very well with simulated ones and the isolation improvement by the diaphragm is about 15 dB, which verifies our design.

Y. Tao, Z. Shen, and G. Liu, "Dual-Band Ortho-Mode Transducer with Irregularly Shaped Diaphragm," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 27, 1-8, 2011.

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