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By E. Jarauta, F. J. Falcone, M. Beruete, and J. Illescas

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On the basis of backward coupling and left-handed microstrip line, new designs of duplexers and multiplexers will be presented and tested in different configurations. By using microstrip lines with Complementary Split Ring Resonators (CSRRs) etched on the ground plane along with series capacitive gaps in the upper conductor, forward coupling will be inverted into backward coupling. Compact size and fully planar fabrication techniques are important characteristics in the devices proposed.

E. Jarauta, F. J. Falcone, M. Beruete, and J. Illescas, "Duplexers and Multiplexers Based on Microstrip Line Loaded with Complementary Split Ring Resonators," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 27, 9-16, 2011.

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