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By S. Huang, X. Xie, and B. Yan

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In this paper, a microstrip circuit structure for a K-Band Wilkinson power divider is presented. The designed power divider is composed of two-step taper stubs based on empirical equations. The symmetry of this circuit allows a half circuit analysis through looking at the odd- and even-model excitations. To demonstrate its performance, the proposed Wilkinson power divider has been fabricated and tested. Results show that the measured insertion loss is less than 0.3 dB and that the output reflection, input reflection and isolation are better than 16 dB, 22 dB, 16 dB, respectively, in the frequency range from 18 GHz to 27 GHz.

S. Huang, X. Xie, and B. Yan, "K Band Wilkinson Power Divider Based on a Taper Equation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 27, 75-83, 2011.

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