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By N. Gupta, P. Ghosh, and M. Toppo

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This paper proposes a miniaturization method for conventional Wilkinson Power Divider(WPD) by replacing the quarter wave sections with the help of fractals. The performance degradation is compensated by using Defected Ground Structure (DGS). The resultant device occupies 56% of the area in comparison to the conventional WPD. The simulation results show a reflection coefficient of -66.98 dB and isolation of 24.1021 dB at the centre frequency of 1.8 GHz. Finally a prototype model is developed on a low cost FR4 Glass Epoxy substrate and tested. The experimental results show a good agreement with the simulation results.

N. Gupta, P. Ghosh, and M. Toppo, "A Miniaturized Wilkinson Power Divider Using DGS and Fractal Structure for GSM Application," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 27, 25-31, 2011.

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