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By X.-H. Jin, X.-D. Huang, C.-H. Cheng, and L. Zhu

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The proposed dipole antenna consists of two printed strips with unequal lengths and is fed by a coplanar strip (CPS) line. As the antenna parameters and port impedance are properly selected, a super wide operating band (|S11|<-10 dB) of 3.5 to 20.0 GHz is realized. Antenna samples were fabricated using standard PCB process. The area of the constructed dipole antenna is 40.0x5.0 mm2. The S-parameter measurement was performed via a transition (CPS to double-sided parallel strip line) and transformer (190 to 50 Ohm). The measured fractional bandwidth achieved 139.3% (from 3.4 to 19.0 GHz) as predicted, over which the antenna peak gain is better than 0 dBi.

X.-H. Jin, X.-D. Huang, C.-H. Cheng, and L. Zhu, "Super-Wideband Printed Asymmetrical Dipole Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 27, 117-123, 2011.

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