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By I. Gurutzeaga, A. Insausti, E. Celayeta, and B. Sedano

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A new high isolation lumped-element 180º hybrid, using electronically adjustable filters with varactor diodes, are proposed. This design is very simple and is based on only two configurable low order (N = 2) filters. Due to the limited tuning frequency range of varactor diodes, maximum near-octave frequency coverage of 2.5-5 GHz was planned in the high isolation hybrid. An impressive simulated typical isolation in the range of >60dB was achieved. One of the typical applications of developed hybrids could be the conversion of 70MHz IF to microwave frequencies, with broadband mixers in single-conversion converters, and with very high LO rejection (>60 dB).

I. Gurutzeaga, A. Insausti, E. Celayeta, and B. Sedano, "High-Isolation and Wide-Band 180º Hybrids Based on Electronically Tunable Lumped-Element Filters," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 35, 63-72, 2012.

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