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By X.-Q. Li, Q.-X. Liu, and J.-Q. Zhang

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A 16-way radial waveguide power divider with the characteristics of low insertion loss and high power handling capacity is investigated. Its design theory and basic structure are proposed at first; a power divider with the center frequency of 4.0GHz is designed, fabricated, and measured. Good agreement between the simulated and measured results is found for the proposed power divider. The measured 15-dB return loss bandwidth is demonstrated to be 440MHz and the measured 0.5-dB insertion loss bandwidth is demonstrated to be 540MHz. The power handling capacity of the proposed power divider is analyzed through simulation, and the results prove its usability in high power applications.

X.-Q. Li, Q.-X. Liu, and J.-Q. Zhang, "A High-Power Low-Loss Multiport Radial Waveguide Power Divider," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 31, 189-198, 2012.

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