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By A. Corona-Chavez, J. R. R. Ayona, D. V. B. Murthy, and J. L. Olvera Cervantes

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The miniaturization of conventional ring resonators is demonstrated by forcing a voltage minimum at one end of the resonator. In addition, the resonator is loaded with a capacitance to achieve further miniaturization and reducing its sensitivity to substrate thickness tolerance. The final resonator is 73% smaller than a conventional ring resonator and has a tenfold decrease in sensitivity to substrate thickness variations. Using this resonator a 4-pole quasi-elliptic filter is fabricated showing good agreement between simulation and experimental results.

A. Corona-Chavez, J. R. R. Ayona, D. V. B. Murthy, and J. L. Olvera Cervantes, "Miniaturized Forced-Mode Ring Resonator with Capacitive Loading," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 31, 65-73, 2012.

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