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By J.-Y. Kim, J. H. Choi, and C. W. Jung

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We present a band-stop filter (BSF) by using a periodic structure property of frequency selective surfaces (FSSs) embedded in a microstrip transmission line. The proposed BSF is designed with FSS unit cells modifying the cross-loop slots. The center frequency (fo) of the BSF is 6.6 GHz, and the 3-dB bandwidth varies by the number of cascading unit cells. The BSF is interpreted with an equivalent circuit model and a dispersion diagram, and exhibits uniplanar geometry, low return loss, simple fabrication, smaller size, and wide bandwidth.

J.-Y. Kim, J. H. Choi, and C. W. Jung, "Broad Band-Stop Filter Using Frequency Selective Surfaces in Uniplanar Microwave Transmission Line," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 31, 45-53, 2012.

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