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By R. Mulaveesala, S. S. B. Panda, R. N. Mude, and M. Amarnath

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Reinforced concrete structures (RCS) have potential application in civil engineering and with the advent of nuclear engineering RCS to be capable enough to withstanding a variety of adverse environmental conditions. However, failures/loss of durability of designed structures due to premature reinforcement corrosion of rebar is a major constrain. Growing concern of safety of structure due to pre-mature deterioration has led to a great demand for development of non-destructive and non-contact testing techniques for monitoring and assessing health of RCS. This paper presents an experimental investigation of rebar corrosion by non-stationary thermal wave imaging. Experimental results have been proven, proposed approach is an effective technique for identification of corrosion in rebar in the concrete samples.

R. Mulaveesala, S. S. B. Panda, R. N. Mude, and M. Amarnath, "Non-Destructive Evaluation of Concrete Structures by Non-Stationary Thermal Wave Imaging," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 32, 39-48, 2012.

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