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By A. Kumar, B. Suthar, V. Kumar, K. S. Singh, and A. Bhargava

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Transmission characteristics of 1-D photonic crystal (PC) structure with a defect have been studied. We consider a Si/ZnS multilayer system. We also consider the refractive index of both layers to be dependent on temperature and wavelength simultaneously. The refractive indices of Si and ZnS layers are functions of temperature as well in the wavelength of incident light. This property can be used while tuning defect modes at desired wavelength. As defect modes are function of temperature, one can tune the defect modes to desired wavelength. It is found that the average change in central wavelength of each defect mode is 0.07 nm/K. This property can be exploited in the design of a tunable wavelength demultiplexer for DWDM application in optical communication.

A. Kumar, B. Suthar, V. Kumar, K. S. Singh, and A. Bhargava, "Tunable Wavelength Demultiplexer for DWDM Application Using 1-D Photonic Crystal," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 33, 27-35, 2012.

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