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By M. Rafiee, M. F. Ain, and M. S. Aftanasar

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A new shape of ultra-wideband antenna with a measured bandwidth of 122.67% is presented in this paper. The proposed antenna has fabricated on Duriod 22 × 41 mm2 substrate and tested. The simulated and measured return loss results which have been presented in this paper indicate the antenna operates between 2.9 to 12.1 GHz frequency bands. In order to increase the bandwidth of aforementioned antenna, a unique shape of the ground plane has been proposed. This shape of ground plane has a very important role not only on increasing the bandwidth but also for removing some unwanted ripples from the return loss results.

M. Rafiee, M. F. Ain, and M. S. Aftanasar, "A New Ultra-Wideband Antenna with Unique Ground Plane Shape," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 35, 165-179, 2012.

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