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By S. Fallahzadeh, K. Forooraghi, and Z. Atlasbaf

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In this paper, we introduce a highly electric-field-coupled (ELC) metamaterial planar absorber in microwave frequency range. The structure is a one layer dual linear polarization insensitive absorber, which is designed by utilizing properly arranged resonant structure with orthogonal polarization sensitivity. In addition, this metamaterial absorber operates over a wide angular range, from 0° to 65° with more than 95% absorption peak. Absorption peak occurs at the frequency of 10.05 GHz with 98% magnitude with FWHM about 5%. In addition to simulation, the theoretically results are verified by measurement, and test results generally agree with simulation ones. The dielectric spacer loss tangent for higher absorption peak and broader bandwidth has been investigated too, and the optimum value for the best absorber structure performance has been obtained.

S. Fallahzadeh, K. Forooraghi, and Z. Atlasbaf, "Design, Simulation and Measurement of a Dual Linear Polarization Insensitive Planar Resonant Metamaterial Absorber," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 35, 135-144, 2012.

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