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By G. Calo, D. Alexandropoulos, and V. Petruzzelli

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A defective Photonic Band Gap device based on dilute nitrides is proposed as a high performance active wavelength filter for wavelength division multiplexing applications. The analyzed structure is made of GaInNAs-GaInAs multi quantum well ridge waveguides in which a geometrical defect in the periodic lattice induces selective transmission spectral regions centered at different wavelengths inside the photonic band gap. The multichannel filter performances are evaluated as a function of both the defect length and the injected current value. The analysis is performed by using proprietary codes, based on the Bidirectional Beam Propagation Method with the Method of Lines introducing the rate equations. Highly selective 11-channel active filter with minimum value of the bandwidth at half-height Δλ = 0.105 nm with gain G = 16.51 dB has been assessed.

G. Calo, D. Alexandropoulos, and V. Petruzzelli, "Active WDM Filter on Dilute Nitride Quantum Well Photonic Band Gap Waveguide," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 35, 37-49, 2012.

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