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By L. Manac'h, X. Castel, and M. Himdi

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The use of carbon-fiber tissue as a replacement for metal radiating element has been investigated to fabricate microwave antennas embedded in composite material panels. A single ply of a dry carbon-fiber tissue with a 0.15 Ω/sq sheet resistance value and a square shape (50 mm × 50 mm) acts as the radiating element. It has been embedded inside the glass-fiber and polyester resin composite laminate by using the infusion technique. The measured radiofrequency characteristics of the pure composite antenna are presented, discussed and compared to those of a reference counterpart, made from a plain metal sheet. The pure composite antenna exhibits a measured gain strictly alike to that of the reference antenna up to 2.1 GHz.

L. Manac'h, X. Castel, and M. Himdi, "Performance of a Lozenge Monopole Antenna Made of Pure Composite Laminate," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 35, 115-123, 2012.

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